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Are Not Created Equal.

Floating floor underlayments that protect against mold, mildew and moisture damage. Our acoustically superior underlayments are an excellent choice for commercial and residential installations. LVT underlay for vinyl flooring that glues down or floats. Sound control and isolation for condos, apartments, high rises, and commercial buildings.

SolidBlack Floor Underlayment

Super Acoustic XLPE and XLPP

PLI manufacturers premium acoustic underlay product with up to 6 mil vapor barrier. Top rated and tested sound protection. Like all our products it has a 25 year warranty. Lip,tape and moisture barrier always included. Condo approved. Pregis Patent Guaranteed.

Excellent Sound Ratings.
Acoustic Test Results: IIC72 - STC72

SolidBlack Floor Underlayment

Acoustic XLPE and XLPP

PLI also manufacturers mid-grade acoustic underlayments with excellent moisture and vapor protection. 25 Year warranty Less dense than our Super Grade but an excellent choice for residential applications. Lip and tape included. Patent Protected.

Strong Sound Ratingssound barrier select
Acoustic Test Results IIC 68 STC 64


Fiber Pad Products.

Fiber pad with attached moisture barrier, lip (overlap) and tape included. For below grade, crawl space and basement laminate floor installations over cement. Lip, Tape, vapor barrier included. 1

High R Value Acoustic Test Results: IIC58 - STC54

SoundBarrier Plus

3 in 1 PE Underlayments

3N1 PE closed cell polyethylene foam with moisture barrier, 3" overlap and adhesive tape is an economical solution to your floor underlayment and padding needs. Lip, Tape and vapor barrier included. Pregis Patent Included.

Upgrade from cheap foreign foam.
Acoustic Test Results:IIC58 - STC52

SolidSound Installation

LVT Underlayment

Luxury Vinyl Tile Underlayment for apartments, condos, multifamily, commercial, military, government and high density housing units.

ASTM E-492 and E-90

IIC 51 - STC 50 6" Cement Slab

NO Drop Ceiling

For Floating and glue down vinyl installations.

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